"I stand only to the Lord in respect of my selfe."
James Nayler, Sauls Errand pg.15 1654

"Let him to whom an Idol is nothing, to whom all shadows, Types and Figures, are come to an end, let him exercise his freedom; yet with all tender love and forbearance to those that see not the same liberty;"
Robert Rich, Hidden Things Brought to Light

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Godly Forms and those out of all Forms.

[Note: This document is the first attempt to show part of the vision behind the Christonomy (www.christonomy.net) network. There are various embedded links in the document directly to the document or cross-reference discussed. This will give the reader the opportunity to interact with and immerse themselves in the Early Quaker source documentation directly and in real time and with ease while reading the content of the article. This is the third year of a ten year project. At this stage in the project there are enough early Quaker source documents keyboarded and published to begin adding content to the blog side of the project.]

In 1666, a document ( [London 1666] View Document ) was published and sent to various Quaker Meeting-houses. The subscribers to the document state they are called to watch over the souls of the gathering and, out of that calling, are concerned with its viability in the face of those in the gathering who speak out against the leaders of the gathering and the establishment of outward formalities and prescriptions to rule and guide the relationships and interactions of the people in the gathering. To preserve the fellowship and the viability of the gathering the subscribers lay down six prescriptions on how people, in the established Meetings, are to relate to and interact with those Quakers who are come out of outward formalities (relatively speaking) and who speak out against the enforcement of outward forms and the leaders who promote adherence to outwardly established forms over against the prerogative of the inshining Light in the conscience.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

More Early Quaker Documents Keyboarded and Published

I have keyboarded published nine more early Quaker related documents to the Christonomy project. These documents are in some way related to William Rogers' "The Christian Quaker" either mentioned directly or the subject matter is topical.

1. Anarchy of the Ranters - Barclay
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/taotra-title-and-contents.html
2. Hidden Things Brought to Light - Robert Rich
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/htbtl-title-page.html
3. Tyranny and Hypocrisy Detected - Anonymous
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/tyranny-and-hypocrisy-detected.html
4. An Exalted Diostrephes Reprehended - A Response to Roger's "The Christian Quaker" signed by multiple persons.
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/the-exalted-diotrephes-reprehended.html
5. Saul's Errand to Damascus - George Fox and James Naylor
    1. http://geofoxlit.blogspot.com/p/saul-errand-to-damascus.html
6. An Epistle for True Love, Unity, and Order - Anne Whitehead and Mary Elson
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/an-epistle-for-true-love-unity-and.html
7. An Epistle Concerning the Government of Christ - George Fox
    1. http://geofoxlit.blogspot.com/p/an-epistle-concerning-government-christ.html
8. To all People that Profess the Eternal Truth - John Harwood
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/to-all-people-that-profess-eternal-truth.html
9. The Spirit of Envy, Lying, and Persecution - George Fox's reply of John Harwood's reflections upon him.
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/the-spirit-of-envy-lying-and.html

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A testimony on institutionalized Recorded Ministry and institutionalized non-committal to recorded Ministry within Quakerism

A testimony on institutionalized Recorded Ministry and institutionalized non-committal to recorded Ministry within Quakerism from a person who is come out of (and is coming out of) the process of participation in identification with outward or institutionalized formalities such as recorded ministry to guide and inform relationships and interactions with people.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Iconography: The process of guiding and informing human relationships and interactions through outward political, religious, and social ideological and pictorial representations or symbolic forms.

Christonomy: Human relationships and interactions guided and informed solely through the direct intuitive experience of immanent or inherent Presence of the spirit of Christ itself in itself … a coming out of representational forms and into the thing itself that representational forms mirror.