"I stand only to the Lord in respect of my selfe."
James Nayler, Sauls Errand pg.15 1654

"Let him to whom an Idol is nothing, to whom all shadows, Types and Figures, are come to an end, let him exercise his freedom; yet with all tender love and forbearance to those that see not the same liberty;"
Robert Rich, Hidden Things Brought to Light

God hath a People among them [Quakers], many of whom have long been reviled and falsly accused and slandered, because they have conscientiusly refused to conform to Prescriptions without Conviction
Thomas Crisp, Babels Builders, Preface pg.1, London, 1681

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A testimony on institutionalized Recorded Ministry and institutionalized non-committal to recorded Ministry within Quakerism

A testimony on institutionalized Recorded Ministry and institutionalized non-committal to recorded Ministry within Quakerism from a person who is come out of (and is coming out of) the process of participation in identification with outward or institutionalized formalities such as recorded ministry to guide and inform relationships and interactions with people.

1. Through the impulse of the inshining light upon my conscience, I do not seek or regard the outward preaching or teaching of another person to guide or inform my interactions with people. This coming out of outward formalities such as insitutionalized recorded ministry or the institutionalized non-commitment to recorded ministry is not a result of reflective thought so that I do not reason to why I do or do no not regard these outward formalities. It is the direct or intuitive experience of the inshining impulse of the immanent Presence of Jesus Christ in my conscience that has turned the focus of my mind away from the process of identification with and participation in outward insitutionalized religious formalities to guide and inform my relationships with people. Through this experience it is discovered to me that this inherent inshining impulse itself in itself is my minister and preacher in matters of religion or human interaction without regard for any outward formailites.

2. There are people who experience the intuitive appearance of immanent consciousness inherently sustained (presence of God) in itself in the conscience. Through this experience, their relationships and interactions are guided and informed, relatively speaking, through the innate awareness of the increase, decrease, or stasis of direct and innately sustained consciousness; so that, the motion or experience of this way of being directs interaction. For example, awareness of an increase or decrease in direct and inherently sustained consciousness (the presence of God) will guide behavior; should the impulse increase personal and interpersonal behavior is validated. Should it decrease, behavior is invalidated and corrected to conform with the heightened awareness of immanent appearance of inherently sustained being. 

3. For some people, this inshining experience leads them out of the process of being guided and informed by outward formalities altogether. They are come out of regard for outward teachings, teachers, or institutional structures to govern their relationships and are come into inherently sustained being to rule their interactions with people.

4. Regarding the issue of recorded or institutionalized Ministry or the institutionalization of non-committal to recorded ministry, this is of no matter for many of those who are come into inherently sustained being or consciousness itself in itself (presence of God) as sufficient in itself to govern behavior. For their relationships are guided solely in and through the experience of inherently sustained awareness itself in itself. The establishment of outward formal structures through the reflective process of identification with and participation in outward forms, like the institutionalized noncommittal to recorded ministry or the establishment of recorded ministry, is not of the nature of inherently sustained being. 

5. The process of the formation of outwardly reflected reasons as to why or why not a person or group of people identify with and participate in a particular formality to validate the institution of recorded ministry or non-committal to recorded ministry is not the way of inherently sustained being. In this different way, argumentation or contention through reflective thought to inform and guide human behavior is come out of and is replaced by the direct and immediate perception or awareness of the relative motion (increase, decrease, or stasis) inshining inherently sustained being (presence of God) to administer relationships. Recorded Ministry or non-committal to recorded ministry is not an issue because outwardly established institutional structures are replaced by inherently sustained experience itself in itself in the consciousness to inform the conscience and the process of contention for reflectively imposed ideological or institutionalized constructs is transcended.

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