"I stand only to the Lord in respect of my selfe."
James Nayler, Sauls Errand pg.15 1654

"Let him to whom an Idol is nothing, to whom all shadows, Types and Figures, are come to an end, let him exercise his freedom; yet with all tender love and forbearance to those that see not the same liberty;"
Robert Rich, Hidden Things Brought to Light

God hath a People among them [Quakers], many of whom have long been reviled and falsly accused and slandered, because they have conscientiusly refused to conform to Prescriptions without Conviction
Thomas Crisp, Babels Builders, Preface pg.1, London, 1681

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

More Early Quaker Documents Keyboarded and Published

I have keyboarded published nine more early Quaker related documents to the Christonomy project. These documents are in some way related to William Rogers' "The Christian Quaker" either mentioned directly or the subject matter is topical.

1. Anarchy of the Ranters - Barclay
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/taotra-title-and-contents.html
2. Hidden Things Brought to Light - Robert Rich
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/htbtl-title-page.html
3. Tyranny and Hypocrisy Detected - Anonymous
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/tyranny-and-hypocrisy-detected.html
4. An Exalted Diostrephes Reprehended - A Response to Roger's "The Christian Quaker" signed by multiple persons.
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/the-exalted-diotrephes-reprehended.html
5. Saul's Errand to Damascus - George Fox and James Naylor
    1. http://geofoxlit.blogspot.com/p/saul-errand-to-damascus.html
6. An Epistle for True Love, Unity, and Order - Anne Whitehead and Mary Elson
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/an-epistle-for-true-love-unity-and.html
7. An Epistle Concerning the Government of Christ - George Fox
    1. http://geofoxlit.blogspot.com/p/an-epistle-concerning-government-christ.html
8. To all People that Profess the Eternal Truth - John Harwood
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/to-all-people-that-profess-eternal-truth.html
9. The Spirit of Envy, Lying, and Persecution - George Fox's reply of John Harwood's reflections upon him.
    1. http://quakerlit.blogspot.com/p/the-spirit-of-envy-lying-and.html

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