"I stand only to the Lord in respect of my selfe."
James Nayler, Sauls Errand pg.15 1654

"Let him to whom an Idol is nothing, to whom all shadows, Types and Figures, are come to an end, let him exercise his freedom; yet with all tender love and forbearance to those that see not the same liberty;"
Robert Rich, Hidden Things Brought to Light

God hath a People among them [Quakers], many of whom have long been reviled and falsly accused and slandered, because they have conscientiusly refused to conform to Prescriptions without Conviction
Thomas Crisp, Babels Builders, Preface pg.1, London, 1681

Monday, July 15, 2019

Out of the Process of Reflective Thought in Relation to Others

There were many people in the earliest days of the Quaker gathering who, through the appearance of the inherent Presence of the spirit of Christ in their consciousness and conscience, were (relatively speaking) drawn out of the process of relating to one another through reflective thought to guide and rule their relationships, interactions, and worship. The nature of this different way of relating to and interacting with other people was such that they were come out of identification with and participation in outward formalities, ceremonies, instrumentalities, and institutions; even those that others in the gathering found helpful and nurturing through the inshining Light itself in their conscience. This being drawn out of the process of reflective thought in relation to other people led them to make no distinction between godly or ungodly forms and instrumentalities. They were draw out of all forms in relation to others people.  It is a blessing and encouraging to share this experience with those who were part of the earliest history of the gathering of Friends and to know this ministration of life, through the appearance of  immanent Presence itself in itself inherently sustained in the conscience and consciousness, is still alive today.

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